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With no central authority, blockchain technology has created a mechanism to establish consensus across all nodes. However, the technology has fundamental flaws like scalability and real-time transaction settlement. 


Some blockchain implementations, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, synchronize one block at a time, despite improved consensus algorithms

This leads to long confirmation times, which is one of the most significant barriers to blockchain technology’s widespread adoption across many businesses. Although systems like Cardano and EOS have begun to emerge, public Distributed Ledgers are still in their infancy

A new model based on the PoA consensus algorithm was created to overcome these ongoing difficulties. Proof-of-Authority (PoA) is the latest addition to the blockchain consensus algorithm family. It offers high performance and fault tolerance. In the Proof-ofAuthority consensus algorithm, the right to create new blocks is rewarded to nodes that have rightfully proven their authority to do so. In order to earn this authority and the grand right to generate unique blocks, every node must pass a basic authentication process. PoA has proven to score higher than the conventional consensus algorithms such as Proof of high energy, computing power, and memory to maintain its functionality. Authorized network nodes generate blocks in a predetermined order at predetermined intervals. The speed with which transactions are validated is increased as a result of this. The 51percent attack requires an attacker to gain control of 51 percent of network nodes in PoA consensus. This differs from the 51 percent attack, which requires an attacker to obtain 51 percent of network processing power for Proof-of-Work consensus types. It’s considerably more difficult to get control of the nodes in a permissioned blockchain network than it is to gain processing power.


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